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I can’t believe I dreamed a meme

I can’t believe I dreamed a meme

So I was having this dream last night.

There was a bunch of stuff before that I vaguely think was about people at work, and someone saying quite urgently, “No, no, come look at this,” when I was in the bathroom stall.

But then I started dreaming about Harry Potter. In my dream he had three friends. No idea who there were, but they weren’t Ron and Hermione and Neville. And in my dream someone had…

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May Bookshelf

Meant to post this a month ago….

exec_orders gods shadow games talking god

Executive Orders – Tom Clancy
Gods of the Steppe – Andrei Gelasimov
Shadow Games – Glen Cook
Talking God – Tony Hillerman

And for manga:

bb3 black lagoon 1 naruto56 RK10

RK11 RK12 T&B_1 TM2

Black Butler 4, Black Lagoon 1, Naruto 56, Rurouni Kenshin 10, 11 & 12, Tiger & Bunny 1, and Trigun Maximum 2.

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Boromir lives!

Just watched Soldiers of Fortune, starring Christian Slater, Ving Rhames, Chief O’Brien Colm Meaney, Stretch Cunningham James Cromwell and Boromir of Gondor and Meriodoc Brandybuck Sean Bean and Dominic Monaghan. So-so flick, notable for the fact that Boromir Sean Bean did not die. Ooops, Spoilers, so sorry!

Worth a look, though I feel that it might have been better if Boromir and Christian…

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The Monkey King

So I just had this dream that we’d been invaded by vicious, killer dinosaurs, and the only way to survive was to summon the King of the Monkeys.

To summon him, you had to press a series of around 200 hieroglyphs in a specific order. Once you pressed one correctly it disappeared, but many of them were very similar. If you pressed one wrong they would all disappear and our chance for survival would…

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The Book Barn

We drove down to Niantic yesterday to visit a bookstore a friend told me about. It’s called The Book Barn. It’s a second-hand book store that will buy your old books (in good condition) and give you cash or store credit. So we bagged up all our old Magic Treehouse and Secrets of Droon books and headed south.

magic treehouse


(My 16-year-old son still kept these in the back of his closet, though no one’s looked…

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