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The 100 Foot Journey to the Expendables

The 100 Foot Journey to the Expendables

I was bored this morning. I’ve spent my week off from work working on my writing and marathoning One Piece and Hell’s Kitchen. (I finished the Alabasta arc again and 6 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen. Really.) But since this was my last day, and I had no money to do much of anything and no gas to go much of anywhere, I decided to go to the mall.

I was driving along listening to Fantastic Baby by Big…

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So I was wandering through my house yesterday, cleaning haphazardly, when a thought occurred to me.…

So I was wandering through my house yesterday, cleaning haphazardly, when a thought occurred to me.

I have far too many books.

“Don’t be silly,” the little angel on my left shoulder said. “You don’t have enough books.”

“No, really, there’s far too many,” the angel on my right shoulder insisted. “You should get rid of some.”

The left angel gasped in horror and nearly fell off. I caught him just in…

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July Bookshelf

CoyoteWaitsdecember 6ForFukuisSakerainbow6sacred clownsson of heaven

Coyote Waits – Tony Hillerman
December 6 – Martin Cruz Smith
For Fukui’s Sake – Sam Baldwin
Rainbow 6 – Tom Clancy
Sacred Clowns – Tony Hillerman
Son of Heaven (Chung Kao) – David Wingrove

and for manga:

20th 720th 8bb5bl2naruto 58summer 1summer2TnB2

20th Century Boys – Vol. 7 & 8
Black Butler – Vol. 5
Black Lagoon – Vol. 2
Naruto – Vol. 58
Summer Wars – Vol. 1 & 2 (watch the movie!)
Tiger & Bunny – Vol. 2

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#I Understood That Reference

#I Understood That Reference

So there I am, on Sporcle.

Think maybe I’ll do a Harry Potter quiz, so I choose Literature.

Can’t find one I haven’t done lately, so I choose Lord of the Rings instead.

Choose the quiz, Can you name the top 50 characters in the Lord of the Rings series by number of mentions?

I’m going along, got about 30 out of 50 before I have to start thinking. Suddenly a name comes into my head. I type it in…

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I can’t believe I dreamed a meme

I can’t believe I dreamed a meme

So I was having this dream last night.

There was a bunch of stuff before that I vaguely think was about people at work, and someone saying quite urgently, “No, no, come look at this,” when I was in the bathroom stall.

But then I started dreaming about Harry Potter. In my dream he had three friends. No idea who there were, but they weren’t Ron and Hermione and Neville. And in my dream someone had…

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May Bookshelf

Meant to post this a month ago….

exec_orders gods shadow games talking god

Executive Orders – Tom Clancy
Gods of the Steppe – Andrei Gelasimov
Shadow Games – Glen Cook
Talking God – Tony Hillerman

And for manga:

bb3 black lagoon 1 naruto56 RK10

RK11 RK12 T&B_1 TM2

Black Butler 4, Black Lagoon 1, Naruto 56, Rurouni Kenshin 10, 11 & 12, Tiger & Bunny 1, and Trigun Maximum 2.

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